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Through out the years, our aim at Four Seasons Metal has been to gain our customers’trust by being truly committed to quality and time. We have dealt with the highest quality of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap resources.


We have been trading locally and internationally at very competitive prices. Furthermore, we always make sure to deliver on time whether in the region via our trucks, or abroad by using the services of the most reputable and trustworthy shipping companies.


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Non-ferrous metals

         Aluminum Scrap                 Copper                   Radiators               Brass               Zinc            Stainless Steel


Ferrous metals (steel) including demolition scrap, industrial scrap, Carbon steel, pipes, end-of-life vehicles of all sizes, and heavy equipment.

Once the scrap metal is processed into a value-added commodity, the product is transported easily and efficiently to our customers based in India, Vietnam, Korea, China and UAE.

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